Why Cook?

Cooking may be tiring or time consuming but you have to admit it is relaxing. I love cooking when I have the time for it. I love to carefully pick, craft and create my dishes so I enjoy the finished product to the fullest.

I notice that if I rush myself, the dishes do not taste as good. Which is why I honestly feel that cooking is an act that should be experienced and not forced. By pouring your heart and soul into your dishes, you muster up something that transcends the physical world.

If you don’t believe me, try cooking the exact same dish two separate times. You should be in a hurry and unenthusiastic when you cook the dish the first time. Take your time and be gentle the second time you cook your dish.

Ask a family member to try both dishes before you taste it yourself. You’ll be surprised by the difference. Don’t waste your ingredients on half hearted attempts of cooking. Enjoy the process. If you don’t have the time to make a fancy dish, make a simple one.

As long as you pour out your heart into your cooking, it will taste great to anyone who tries it.

Becoming A Great Chef

great-chefThe process of cooking is a simple one. You just work with raw ingredients and heat. The best part about cooking is that you’re free to experiment and try out as many techniques that you’d like. But I’ve seen many cooks gradually lose passion. It’s a saddening but real occurrence.

What many of you don’t understand is that being a chef is a state of mind. It’s part of understanding your place in the universe. As human beings you’re presented with countless opportunities and resources that will all go to waste unless you try and utilize it to the fullest.

This website has an article titled the 10 Top Qualities That A Chef Needs to have which I really agree with. It’s brief and it makes sense. It’s a practical approach for anyone who want’s to climb the ranks of culinary world fast.

The second article you should read is What Makes A Successful Chef . This piece tells it as it is. Being a chef has its perks but it is an undeniably stressful job. You’ll have to understand how to be a team player who knows when to chip in and when to butt out.

This last piece is for anyone who is considering culinary school. Before you actually send in all your applications, you really should get a feel of what working at a restaurant is like. I’d recommend that you get a job at a diner or a restaurant just to see if you’re really cut out to be part of the intense culinary world.

Good luck to everyone out there. Don’t lose hope and make sure you chase your dreams. You only have one life to live.